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Looking for a customised cake for your celebration? Look no further because Homies Bakery

is here to make your vision come to life! Be it a birthday party, wedding, anniversary celebration, or a small reunion with your loved ones. Our delicately handcrafted cakes, decked with buttercream and goodness are perfect for all your special occasions!

Pre-order your cakes 4 days in advance! For customisation and special requests,

please kindly WHATSAPP us at +65 9885 1559



Screenshot cake inspiration or styles you like from online platforms (e.g. Pinterest, Google Images)

We will strive to ensure that all of your customised cakes are done to perfection and to our customer’s desired vision. Each customised cake is delicately prepared and handcrafted by our hardworking bakers at Homies Bakery. We will try our best to replicate each cake exactly the same, but please allow for some variations in the design and colours.


Choose your desired cake flavour!

We have a wide selection of flavours for you to choose from! Depending on the flavour, there will be an additional $2-$8.


Classic: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Pandan, Coffee


Regular: Black Forest, Cookies & Cream, Passion Fruit


Premium: Double Chocolate (Ganache), Strawberry Shortcake, Matcha (Green Tea)


Choose your desired cake size!

Here at Homies Bakery, we offer a variety of cake sizes to cater to all your customised cake orders. Go crazy with different cake shapes and sizes because we’d love to make your vision come to life! If you wish to know what size fits best for your loved ones at your special occasion, please refer to the sizes and pax below for a rough gauge on what cake size to order for your guests:


4-inch cakes for approximately 3 - 4 pax

6-inch cakes for approximately 5 - 8 pax

10-inch cakes for approximately 8 - 12 pax

Cake prices range from $28 onwards


WHATSAPP us at +65 9885 1559 with your screenshot and cake size preference

It’s so simple! If you have any enquiries or need further assistance, our friendly staff at Homies Bakery will be happy to help you out! Just WHATSAPP us at +65 9885 1559 and help will be on the way~ Go place your cake orders NOW!

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