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Have any queries? Well, fret not because we have prepared some Frequently Asked Questions to help answer some of your questions! 


If your require further assistance or for more information, please kindly WHATSAPP us at +65 9885 1559. 

  • What does Homies Bakery specialise in?
    We pride ourselves in specialising traditional pastries, and traditional cakes especially for Guo Da Li! You can check out our packages or pastry menu here.
  • Is Homies Bakery Halal Certified?
    Unfortunately, we are not halal certified. However, all our products are made with halal ingredients!
  • Are Homies Bakery’s products suitable for vegans?
    For our vegan customers, here’s what you need to know: some of our products are suitable for vegans, but we don’t have pure vegan options available as most of our products contain eggs as part of the ingredients used. If you have any further query about the ingredients, feel free to ask our friendly staff the outlet you’re visiting~
  • How long after purchasing the baked goods can I keep it for?
    While we know people love to keep food for longer periods of time, we would recommend to our customers to consume our products within 3 days from purchase. That way, you’re able to get the best out of our tasty goods!
  • How do I gauge the price of the customised cakes before I place my order?
    Simply find inspiration or pictures of a customised cake design that you have in mind, and drop us a text on Whatsapp at 9885 1559. From there, we can help determine how much it would cost to produce your dream customised cake! For more information on what types of customised cakes we offer, feel free to refer to this catalogue.
  • How do you ensure good quality products?
    All of our breads, pastries and cakes are baked on a daily basis to ensure the freshness and goodness that you see in our stores. Same goes for your pre-ordered cakes! Everything is baked the day of opening or delivery to ensure that the products are good to go for customers to purchase and consume~
  • Do you only sell traditional pastries?
    While “Bringing Tradition to You” is our tagline, Homies Bakery also offers bread, pastries and cakes of various assortments. Feel free to take a look at what other products we have listed here. Our bakery has bread, pastries and cakes.
  • Do the pastries at outlets differ from the ones on the catalogue?
    Nope! All the pastries you see at our outlets are identical to the ones on this website.
  • How do I place my order online?
    If you’re looking to place bulk orders, or customised cakes order, do drop us a text on Whatsapp at 9885 1559 to place your pre-orders.
  • Do you provide delivery?
    Of course! We want to make our products more accessible to customers island-wide, bringing Homies Bakery to your front door.
  • Can I request for my order to be packaged separately?
    Yes! Do inform us when making your pre-order that you would like to have your orders packaged separately, and we will do as requested.
  • How long does the delivery take?
    In order to receive a timely delivery, do place your orders at least 3 days in advance to your requested delivery date. Additionally, deliveries take place from 10am to 3pm, so do make sure someone is home to receive Homies Bakery’s yummy-licious pastries for you!
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